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Many companies are currently active in researching aquatic plants. The specialty of Oxygenesis is the production of Lemna protein, applying an indoor farming process using stacked aquatic cultures.

Since the start of its activities in 2008, Oxygenesis GmbH has filed conceptual patents for protection in a strategically reasonable manner, continuously developing them and applying for subsequent patents. After successful examination for novelty and inventive step, the majority of these patents was granted. Oxygenesis strongly believes that it is a sign of fairness to respect these IP rights.


For this reason, Oxygenesis is prepared to enforce its industrial property rights with its cooperation partners in a reasonable and strategic manner, as it has already done successfully. Patent attorney K. M. Schmidt provides Oxygenesis with a broad experience he acquired in the international protection of industrial rights in the course of more than 30 years.


Please contact us if you wish to enquire about licenses or sub-licenses. However, we are required to exclude the granting of a license in particular cases of competitive situations.

We will provide you with more details in this respect only after establishing personal contact.

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