Fodder products

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Fodder products

Oxygenesis develops fodder mixtures for farm animals, pets, and for fish farming purposes. In doing so, it focuses on the use of gluten-free protein carriers, such as duckweed. The fodder formulations are precisely determined for each client after determining the nutritional demand of the respective use and the status of fattening in each case. Oxygenesis will directly supply the client and licensee with the goods (dried or processed duckweed biomass), or the client will become the owner or operator of a cultivation area obtained from Oxygenesis, including a license for operation.

In addition, Oxygenesis will provide the client and licensee with formulations for mixtures according to their requirements and corresponding facilities. This will enable the client to manufacture the fodder on-site themselves, closely adapting it to the demand of their livestock. In this manner, farmers and facility operators will become largely independent of the fodder market. In addition, the Oxygenesis indoor farming method of duckweed is a water-saving method, enabling farmers to produce fodder independently of the weather, also in dry summers.

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