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In cooperation with our partner in Berlin, we are implementing a duckweed cultivation plant in an aquaponics plant, connecting it with the existing streams of nutrients. The integrated duckweed cultivation facility is intended for local production of high-protein fish fodder that is used for the breeding of fish. In this process, fish manure that is produced in an aquaculture system is treated by means of a closed heat concept and recycling of CO2, thus disposing of the manure and using it as a hygienised source of nutrients for direct local production of fish fodder with Lemna.


The project further includes the concept that a future integration of such extended duckweed-fish-aquaponics plants into the agricultural substance and energy flows of agricultural companies would expand both the range of products and the agricultural cascaded use such that farmers would be given the chance to generate, in addition to any seasonal crops, their own protein-based production of fodder and fish fodder by means of duckweed cultures with yields throughout the year – independently of dry periods.

Oxygenesis strongly believes that this would be a contribution to making agriculture more sustainable and ready for the future, particularly with new concepts.

Also this concept is a result of a patent study and of patent protection by Oxygenesis GmbH for the benefit of both our clients and the environment.

See the list of our implementing partners:

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Note regarding the extensive IP portfolio of Oxygenesis GmbH.

The extensive IP portfolio is intended to systematically protect our clients’ investments and, as such, our clients themselves. This secures the advantages acquired by our clients. In addition, all end consumers will also benefit from the quality and continuity provided. As such, consistent ecologic and GMO-free local production is of particular importance.

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