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Additives for cultivated soils

Already for generations, Oxygenesis has been offering expert knowledge in this field. Oxygenesis has produced both herbs and cultivated soils for major clients in-house for decades, specifically for herbs and special herbs, including medicinal herbs.
Together with one of its international cooperation partners, the Spierhof site thus offers a wholly new concept, referred to as

Vegane Blumenerde ® [Vegan soil for flowers]

This vegan soil, specifically for the breeding of flowers, has excellent structural properties and is free of peat. In addition, no animal products are used during fertilisation.
Oxygenesis is currently implementing this new concept, which is a reaction to a steadily growing market, in cooperation with a market leader.
The programme includes fertilisers and corresponding plant additives, for example, various patented formulations of

Agriferrol ®

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