Supported projects

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Oxygenesis GmbH is a project partner in international supported projects.

- High End Proteins
D.I.L. e.V. Quakenbrück; & FG-Systems, Berlin, Lem-Tri-con ® K. M. Schmidt
Generation of protein isolates, development and testing for their functional integration.

- Regional recycling of phosphorus
Oxygenesis GmbH ; Lem-tri-con ® K. M. Schmidt

- New paths: innovative aquatic value chains
FnR (Fachagentur nachwachsende Rohstoffe – specialist agency for renewable resources)
ECF, Berlin; Air Liquide, Krefeld, Düsseldorf; HGOtech GmbH, Bonn;

- Lem-tri-con ® K. M. Schmidt
Sustainability Tri-focus:
Sustainable Conception
Sustainable Solution,
Sustainable Yield
- Scientific development of standardised cultivation of duckweed for fodder, novel food, cascade implementation for agricultural multi-purpose use;
- Patent and know-how licensing, contracting.
- International enforcement of the Oxygenesis intellectual property portfolio

Oxygenesis: alternative animal-based sources of protein

As a logical consequence, Oxygenesis also deals with the breeding of insects and larvae in order to produce animal-based protein biomass. In doing so, we made use of the effect that feeding insects and larvae with highly valuable plant-based proteins, such as on the basis of aquatic plants (including duckweed), leads to an optimised array of plant-based amino acids that are converted into animal-based amino acids also in the case of insects.

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