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 Maria Rogmans, Management of Oxygenesis GmbH


Maria Rogmans, née Schoofs, is the oldest daughter of the innovative corn breeder Johann Schoofs, senior, who became known around the Lower Rhine region for his adaptation of corn varieties to the climatic conditions in this region in the 1950ies. Maria Rogmans is a third-generation plant breeder and obtained a Master’s Degree in floristics. She is a lecturer and a member of the examination board of the Horticultural Training and Research Institute of the Chamber of Agriculture in Straelen, Germany. In addition, she creates the trademark concepts for Oxygenesis GmbH. Ms Rogmans is the Managing Director of Oxygenesis GmbH. 

Hermann-Josef Wilhelm, Head of Product Development and Head of Operations of Spierhof.


Hermann-Josef Wilhelm is a seed merchant and a trainer, passing both exams with excellent results. He is a plant breeder, covering the whole portfolio of varieties, and is inventor and co-inventor of the patent portfolio of Oxygenesis GmbH. He owned the regionally known breeding firm of herbs “Kräuterey Wilhelm” which supplied show gardens (e.g., Moyland castle in Kleve) and food retail chains with fresh herbs. In the beginning of the 1990ies, he created and produced the energy plant species Miscanthus (Chinese silver grass). This process was accompanied and documented by Prof. Dr. Ständer and Franz Alt, a scientific journalist on nationwide television. Since then, Mr Wilhelm has been developing new crop concepts and ingredients isolated from these, developing suggestions for new products and technical processes for the treatment of agricultural wastewaters for future use.

Karl Michael Schmidt, Head of Research and Licensing

 s1a Karl Michael Schmidt holds a university degree in Physics and is a German and European Patent Attorney (following studies of physics, physical chemistry, material science, agricultural science, patent and trademark law, international patent law). He has been working for Oxygenesis both as Head of Research and as a patent attorney since the beginning of 2007. Mr Schmidt was awarded the federal award “Initiativpreis der Otto-Wolff-von-Amerongen-Stiftung” of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1997. He is co-editing and authoring the journal “Agrophysical Letters”. His experience as a Global Chief IP Counsel in the industry, focusing on patent infringement and contracting, is valuable for many projects of Oxygenesis. Oxygenesis GmbH is supporting a PhD thesis that Mr Schmidt has been pursuing since April/May 2017 at the Department of Agriculture of the University in Bonn under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz Südekum and Prof. Dr. em. Heiner Goldbach on optimizing the protein synthesis in a method of cultivation of Lemnaceae spp. Mr. Schmidt acts as a second examiner and supervises examination theses at the University in Bonn.
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